Used test: Audi Q7 vs BMW X7 vs Land Rover Discovery costs

You can save up to £23,000 on these luxurious SUVs if you buy at two years old instead of new. But which of them should you choose?...

Audi Q7 2021 right tracking

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

The Audi Q7 has lost the most value, dropping from £86,110 as a new car to around £63,000 as a two-year-old used one. The BMW X7 was a £80,210 new car, but it can now be found for around £63,000 on the used market. Experiencing the least amount of depreciation is the Land Rover Discovery – going from £67,330 to (you guessed it) around £63,000. 

On the other hand, the Discovery is the thirstiest of the three cars, averaging 30.5mpg in our real-world test to the Q7’s 31.3mpg and X7’s 33.3mpg.

In the highest insurance group (the maximum one of 50) is the X7, meaning it should set you back around £1195 in insurance. The Q7 isn't too far behind in group 49. It should come in at around £1178. Due to being in group 45, the Discovery should cost you around £1099.

BMW X7 2021 side

For a plan comprised of two services of the Q7, we were quoted £636 through Audi. With the X7, we were quoted £420 for one service by BMW. Land Rover quoted £399 for a single service of the Discovery.

All three are well equipped, coming with keyless entry, heated and cooled seats, a gesture-controlled electric tailgate and adaptive cruise control, although a leather-covered dash (to match the others) was a £1020 extra in the Discovery when new.

The Q7 is the best equipped, adding luxuries such as massage seats and a heated steering wheel. As for the X7, it missed out on adaptive cruise and cooled massage seats as standard, but some examples feature them (if the original owner paid extra).

Land Rover Discovery 2021 side

As for safety, all three cars have automatic emergency braking (AEB) and lane-keeping assistance to help prevent an accident. The X7 hasn’t been tested by the experts at Euro NCAP while the Q7 and Discovery were awarded the full five stars each but were tested under two different sets of criteria.

The X7 did not feature in our 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey but the Q7 and Discovery did, placing fifth and last respectively out of 11 cars in the luxury SUV class. As brands, BMW ranked 16th out of 32 manufacturers, while Audi finished 21st and Land Rover 31st.