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Used test: BMW 4 Series Coupé vs Mercedes C-Class Coupé interiors

These classy coupés go for eye-catching prices, but which dazzles and impresses enough to be crowned the best used car buy – the 4 Series Coupé or the C-Class Coupé?...

Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe


Driving position, visibility, build quality, practicality

Much of the charm of a coupé comes from the sense of occasion you feel when sliding behind the wheel, and in this regard, the Mercedes C-Class Coupé has the edge. The cabin features an eclectic mix of black ash wood and brushed aluminium trim, while our car was made even swankier by the optional leather-effect dashboard finish.

Mind you, the Mercedes is let down slightly by flimsy-feeling air vents and a centre console that emits unseemly squeaks when you prod it. The interior of the BMW 4 Series Coupé interior looks a little ordinary by comparison, but feels more sturdily assembled.

BMW 4 Series Coupe vs Mercedes C-Class Coupe

The 4 Series also has the better infotainment system, aside from its slightly smaller screen. Its separate rotary dial selector, or iDrive, as it's known, is a terrific system in use and one of our favourites. It's much easier to use than the C-Class's system, which can sometimes be so unfathomable that you need to resort to the owner’s manual. That's true whether you stick with the standard Garmin-based system or find a car with the more sophisticated optional Command system fitted to our test car.

Despite having pedals that are offset slightly too far to the right, both cars have excellent driving positions, with low-slung sports seats that hug you tightly at the sides. However, it’s easier to get comfortable in the C-Class, thanks to its standard electric seats with adjustable lumbar support. Fully electric seat adjustment was optional when new on the 4 Series, but adjustable side bolsters are standard, as well as a seatbelt extender that hands you your belt when you get in the car.

BMW 4 Series Coupe vs Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Both cars have plenty of space in the front for taller adults, although if you’re much more than six feet tall you’ll want to avoid a C-Class Coupé with a headroom-robbing optional panoramic roof.

The 4 Series’ rear seats will accommodate a couple of adults in reasonable comfort. By contrast, the C-Class’s tighter rear head room means adults won’t be as comfortable in the back on long journeys. The 4 Series has a slightly bigger and better-shaped boot, too. However, the C220d comes with split-folding rear seats and a ski hatch, which, again, was an extra on the 4 Series.