Used test: Ford Focus vs Seat Leon

Two lightly used family-sized warm hatches from Ford and Seat battle it out, with one emerging victorious as our fast and practical winner. Read on to find out which one it is...

Seat Leon used

What will they cost? 


New, the Focus was the more expensive car by roughly £1000, although both cars could have been bought with a discount through our Target Price team which would have brought that difference down to around £200. Now, the Focus is actually the cheaper two-year-old car, with more examples of this particular trim on the market and prices roughly £1000 less than you’d need for a similar Leon. However, both cars are predicted to depreciate at similar rates going forwards. The Focus also has the lower CO2 emissions, at 127g/km as opposed to 138g/km, which will make it slightly cheaper to tax every year, although there’ll only be £10 a year in it. The Focus is also the more economical in real-world driving, too, albeit not by much. It averaged 39.6mpg next to the Leon’s 37.7mpg in our True MPG tests.


Ford Focus used

Both cars come with multifunction steering wheels, four electric windows, USB sockets and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Equipment is more generous in the Leon, though, because it gets the Technology Pack thrown in for free. This pack includes an upgrade to a 6.5in colour touchscreen (from the standard 5.0in display), a DAB radio, sat-nav and LED headlights. This trumps the Focus because it can’t be had with LED lights, and sat-nav costs £250 extra – although a DAB radio is standard.

The Leon also comes with dual-zone climate control, cruise control and front and rear parking sensors, while the Focus has manual air-con only.


Seat Leon used

Safety also falls in the Leon’s favour. It comes with a driver’s knee airbag, and while both cars were awarded the maximum five stars from Euro NCAP for their crash protection, the Seat was rated slightly better for adult and child crash protection. Both cars can be had with automatic emergency city braking (from new it was a £200 option on the Ford and £515 on the Leon, but the latter also includes adaptive cruise control that can maintain a set distance from the car in front). Thatcham rates both cars equally highly for resisting theft and break-ins.


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