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Used test: Renault Zoe vs MG ZS EV interiors

You can save around £10,000 on either of these electric cars by buying used, but which is the better choice?...

Renault Zoe 2022 interior dashboard

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, infotainment, build quality

Neither car's driving position is perfect. In the Renault Zoe, you almost feel perched on top of the car, and there’s no seat height adjustment to mitigate that. At least the steering wheel has a good range of height and reach adjustment, though; the MG ZS EV’s moves only up and down, so you’re likely to find yourself too close to or too far from the pedals.

MG ZS EV interior

There’s little in it for visibility; both get a rear-view camera and rear parking sensors; the Zoe also has front sensors. Seeing where you’re going at night is a lot easier in the Zoe, though, thanks to its powerful LED headlights. The ZS’s halogen bulbs are frankly terrible; you’d almost be better off hanging a storm lantern on the front grille.

The original Zoe was about as upmarket inside as an oven, but this model is much plusher, with softer, pricier-feeling materials throughout and a recycled fabric face on the dashboard. The ZS isn’t far behind, though, and Exclusive trim gets you artificial leather seats, compared with part-faux leather upholstery in the Zoe.


Infotainment systems

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe infotainment screen

This is a huge improvement on the system in the original Zoe. Go for GT Line trim and you get a 9.3in portrait touchscreen (cheaper versions have a 7.0in display) that trumps the ZS’s for both speed and resolution. It’s easier to use, too, and again Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. The optional Bose sound system fitted to our test car is better than the MG’s equivalent, but it still isn’t worth searching for because its subwoofer takes up some boot space.


Used MG ZS EV 2019-present infotainment

The ZS’s 8.0in touchscreen system is reasonably easy to use, thanks to its logical menus. The screen sometimes takes a while to respond after you’ve pressed it, though, and resolution isn’t that impressive in this company. You get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, so you can hook up your smartphone and use selected apps via the car’s touchscreen.The six-speaker sound system, meanwhile, is nothing special.

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