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Used test: Renault Zoe vs MG ZS EV verdict

You can save around £10,000 on either of these electric cars by buying used, but which is the better choice?...

New MG ZS EV vs new Renault Zoe

Our verdict

The revised Renault Zoe may not look a lot different from its predecessor, but it’s a drastically better car. With a range that competes with that of many new premium electric cars, a smarter interior and – on GT Line trim, at least – a host of safety systems, it’s a great buy and the best car here.

It’s just a shame that it costs significantly more than the MG ZS EV. However, if money is a major factor, consider the less costly R110 version in Iconic trim. It won't go as far, but will still have a similar range to the ZS. Just make sure to find one with automatic emergency braking added as an option when new.

The ZS EV is still a decent alternative, though, and it’s actually the better choice if you regularly need to cart around four adults. You also get loads of equipment for a great price, helping to make up for its so-so driving dynamics and shorter range.

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1st – Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe driving

For Better to drive; much longer range; better infotainment system; smart interior
Against Cramped rear seats; road noise; still no Euro NCAP rating at time of writing

What Car? rating Four stars out of five

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2nd – MG ZS EV

MG ZS EV driving

For The more practical family car; stronger performance; quieter
Against Incessant warning noises; bouncy ride

What Car? rating Four stars out of five

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Specifications: Renault Zoe R135 GT Line

Engine Electric motor
Power 134bhp
Torque 181lb ft
Gearbox Single-speed automatic
0-60mph 9.2sec
Top speed 87mph
Official range 238 miles
Real Range 192 miles 
CO2 emissions 0g/km (NEDC)

Specifications: MG ZS EV Exclusive

Engine Electric motor
Power 141bhp
Torque 260lb ft
Gearbox Single-speed automatic
0-60mph 8.1sec
Top speed 87mph
Official range 163 miles
Real Range na 
CO2 emissions 0g/km (NEDC)