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Used Volvo V60 long-term test: report 5

We’ve long been fans of the suave and practical Volvo V60 estate, but now we're finding out if it impresses or frustrates when you live with it every day...

Volvo V60

The car 2019 Volvo V60 D4 R-Design Plus Run by Mark Pearson, used cars editor

Why it’s here To find out if this recently replaced version of the V60 with the non-hybrid, diesel-only engine option makes for a good used purchase

Needs to Prove that it can match a number of its fine executive estate car rivals for practicality and efficiency and cope with the daily grind of work and family life

Mileage 7152 List price new (2019) £39,215 Price new with options £45,085 Value now £28,550 Test economy 34.3mpg 

15 March 2021 – Putting the boot in

A recent trip to the local tip showed off the practicality of my Volvo V60. Not only is it easy to access the boot (via an electrically operated tailgate) but space is plentiful; indeed, it's more than a match for what you get in the V60's most obvious rivals, other than perhaps the Skoda Superb Estate. Drop the rear seats and you’ll find the floor is also pleasingly flat, so transporting bulky items is no chore.

Volvo V60

Should you have occasion to overload it above your eye line, there’s at least a rear-view camera to take the strain out of reversing. My car has the extra benefit of a system that slams on the brakes if it senses an impact is about to happen when you’re reversing. This has proved more than useful on occasion in crowded supermarket car parks, where I sometimes drive nose-in in order to make loading the boot easier.

And speaking of useful, with some recent sharp variations in weather I’ve been grateful for the V60’s efficient climate control system, too. If you wish to alter the temperature setting you can do so via the large infotainment touchscreen, either by prodding the appropriate number or sliding your finger up or down on the screen or via the plus and minus icons to the side of the main list.

Volvo V60

You can also use voice control, accessed via a button on the steering wheel, although the response to this can be tardy; I often find I’ve almost finished my journey before it finally springs into life. Maybe it doesn’t like the sound of my voice?

In other news, my fuel economy continues to rise and fall like the tides. I have seen highs of 39mpg and lows in the 20s, but my current average seems to be 34.3mpg, which is down a little on last month’s figure. That this is nowhere near the V60’s official combined consumption of 57.7mpg is not the car’s fault, as most of my current journeys are both short and town-based. Indeed, viewed as a more realistic urban fuel consumption figure it’s actually not too bad at all.

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