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Used Volvo V60 long-term test:report 3

We’ve long been fans of the suave and practical Volvo V60 estate, but now we're finding out if it impresses or frustrates when you live with it every day...

Volvo V60

The car 2019 Volvo V60 D4 R-Design Plus Run by Mark Pearson, used cars editor

Why it’s here To find out if this recently replaced version of the V60 with the non-hybrid, diesel-only engine option makes for a good used purchase

Needs to Prove that it can match a number of its fine executive estate car rivals for practicality and efficiency and cope with the daily grind of work and family life

Mileage 6692 List price new (2019) £39,215 Price new with options £45,085 Value now £28,550 Test economy 36.9mpg 

6 February 2021 – Don't look back in anger

Dig within the submenus on the infotainment touchscreen in my Volvo V60 and you’ll find the option to dip either the driver or passenger side door mirror, or both, when reversing. This is super-useful, because it gives you a view of the kerb you’re parking alongside and hopefully not making contact with.

Volvo V60

However, I’ve had to disable it. You see, it takes a long time for the mirrors to dip when you engage reverse, and equally long for them to rise back up again when you go into Drive. If you have to go backwards before moving forwards out of a parking space, it means you have to wait a few minutes for the mirrors to catch up before you can safely pull out.

In other news, my fuel economy is up from 34.1mpg to 36.9mpg, which admittedly isn’t anywhere near the official figure of 57.7mpg but is pretty good considering all of my essential-only journeys are currently both short and desperately urban.

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