Vauxhall Adam prices revealed

* New Adam revealed in Paris streets * Prices range between 11,255 and 14,000 * On sale early 2013...

Vauxhall Adam prices revealed

The Vauxhall Adam city car will cost from 11,255, following its unveil at the Paris motor show.

The car will be available in three trims - Jam, Slam and Glam - and buyers can choose between three petrol engines; a 69bhp 1.2-litre, a 1.4-litre with either 86bhp or 99bhp. All versions come with an engine stop-start system.

What's the Adam like outside?
GM chief designer Mark Adams said the Adam's chunky looks are deliberately styled to stand out from the 500 and Mini, both of which are unashamedly retro. In that respect the Adam succeeds; it looked modern, chic and quite funky as the Paris traffic rushed past.

Two of this afternoon's display cars were in Slam spec, which is designed to be more sporty, while a third example was in the 'trendy, funky' Jam. There's also a third core trim level, called Glam, that's designed to be more luxurious.

Adams has done good work recently on the Astra GTC and the Adam builds on that, with a floating roof, a wide, athletic stance (considerably wider than a Fiat 500) and numerous subtle embellishments. Chief among these are an Adam badge at the rear end of the arcing line on each side, and clipped-on colour tabs on the alloy wheels.

These have been patented, apparently, and can only be fixed or removed by using a special tool.

What's the Adam like inside?
There are a few recognisable GM parts in the Adam's cabin, including door handles and window switches that you'll know from a Corsa, but Vauxhall has done a decent job of making the rest of it look special. We sat in a Jam-spec car and found plenty of double stitching to give a feeling of luxury, a soft, patterned dashboard top and a funky LED twinkling stars' headlining.

The cars on display were early pre-production examples, but it's fair to say that the Adam's cabin materials will easily match those of a Fiat 500, and perhaps prove closer to a Mini's. The rear seats look tiny, and the boot is only 130 litres - but then, this is a large city car more than a small supermini.

The coloured dashboard insert can be changed at any time, incidentally; each different type will cost around 125 including fitting at your dealer. Vauxhall did experiment with more DIY modifications, but decided against them because its marketing people were worried that poor-quality owner alterations could affect resale values.

The central-touch screen is a bit low for our liking, but it has a crisp resolution and when we stabbed our finger at a few of the buttons, it responded pretty slickly. It integrates with your mobile phone to offer a range of connected services via apps, including satellite-navigation and podcast/webcast streaming.

When can I buy one?
Vauxhall says the Adam will go on sale officially at the end of February, with first deliveries due in March. However, sources also say that the online configurator will be open for business 'within the next six to eight weeks'.

Vauxhall should note a major spike in bandwidth usage as a result; even though the system will prevent bad taste' combinations, there are still around 30,000 different possible specs of Adam to choose from.

Prices start at 11,255 for Jam models, moving up to 12,650 for Glam versions, while top-of-the-range Slam models cost from 13,150.

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By John McIlroy