Vauxhall to keep lifetime warranty

* Opel scraps extended warranty * Vauxhall says lifetime warranty is part of its brand * Limited to 100,000 miles, though...

Vauxhall to keep lifetime warranty
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Tom Webster
26 Oct 2011 13:15

Vauxhall's 'lifetime warranty' will continue on all of its models, despite sister company Opel scrapping the deal.

Opel confirmed last week that the offer will be stopped after just one year, and will be replaced by the standard manufacturer's warranty and an optional extended warranty for an additional payment.

However, Vauxhall says that UK customers will continue to benefit from the commitment it made in 2010.

'The Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty is 12 months old, and is now an established Vauxhall brand value,' said a company statement.

'It is important to Vauxhall customers and has a positive bearing on their purchase decision Vauxhall has no intention to withdraw from its lifetime warranty.'

Vauxhall has been criticised for the 'lifetime' description of its warranty, because it has a 100,000-mile limit and was initially available only to the first owner of the car.

However, customers who buy a used car from a Vauxhall Network Q dealer can now get the same offer if the car is less than a year old and has covered fewer than 30,000 miles.