Vettel designs Infiniti concept car

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Vettel designs Infiniti concept car

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has helped to design an Infiniti concept car that will be unveiled at the Frankfurt show next month.

Vettel is a 'brand ambassador' for Infiniti after the car maker became a major sponsor of the Red Bull F1 Racing team earlier this year. He's also had some input in this SUV concept car.

'He's a very good designer,' said Infinitis chief designer Shiro Nakamura. 'He's always thinking of the customer.'

Details on the concept car are scarce, but in a short teaser video shot at the Geneva motor show in March, Vettel met Nakamura and insisted the concept car should be white.

Expect plenty of Formula One themes in the concept car, with lightweight carbonfibre being used - for the door mirrors, air intakes under the front grille and the rear spoiler - and perhaps an F1-inspired steering wheel. 'The steering wheel can be a little bit too normal,' Vettel said in the video.

Take a closer look at some of the cars detailing in our photo gallery.

Since the partnership between Red Bull Racing and Infiniti was announced, there have been hints that the two organisations could share technical expertise.

Infiniti, with its knowledge of hybrid technology, could help Red Bull with its KERS energy-recovery system, while Red Bull's engineers could help to build a hot Infiniti.

'There's no reason not to be involved,' said team boss Christian Horner. 'We have proved that Red Bull can take on the likes of Mercedes in F1, despite their heritage, and a natural evolution of that would be to use our expertise we have in [developing] road cars.'

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