Volkswagen Polo Prototype 2017 verdict and specs

Our first taste of the latest Volkswagen Polo in prototype form reveals it's more Golf-like than ever - and all the better for it...

Volkswagen Polo Prototype 2017 verdict and specs

Should I buy one?

It’s hard to give a definitive verdict until we get the full pricing for the VW Polo and get to sample a broader range of engines on UK roads, but there’s no question that it is a very good car that has taken the qualities of its predecessor and made them better.

That means it will still major on practicality, quality and running costs, and for many buyers that combination will be more than enough. The only real quibble is that we wish it was a bit more involving to drive, an area in which the current (soon to be replaced) Fiesta currently sets a benchmark.

Overall, though, the Polo joins the Seat Ibiza on our shortlist as one of the most exciting new small cars coming on to the market and, as such, it must be considered as a viable challenger to the aforementioned Fabia’s Car of the Year crown.

What Car? says...

Rated 4 out of 5

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Seat Ibiza

Skoda Fabia

Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI

Engine size 1.0 turbo petrol

Price TBC

Power 74bhp

Torque tbc

0-62mph tbc

Top speed tbc

Gov't economy (official combined) tbc

CO2/BIK band tbc

Insurance group tbc

Airbags tbc

Doors 5

Seats 5

On sale September