Volkswagen Touran long-term test: report 4

We already know that the Touran is a practical choice, but does this MPV still impress when you live with it every day?...

Volkswagen Touran infotainment system glitch

The car Volkswagen Touran R-Line 1.5 TSI EVO 150 DSG Run by Will Williams, senior photographer 

Why it’s here The Touran is a practical MPV, but can it also show other talents for a young family on the move?

Needs to be comfortable and efficient, function as a mobile office and have plenty of space for camera kit and passengers

Mileage 1922 List price £34,210 Target Price £28,385 Price as tested £36,330 Official Economy 41.7mpg Test Economy 35.5mpg

29 June 2021 – Glitchy business

It’s fair to say that my Volkswagen Touran has fitted pretty snugly into our family lives, thanks largely to its comfy seats, cavernous interior and multiple storage compartments. 

In glaring contrast to this serenity, however, is the exception of my ongoing battle to connect to Apple Carplay. Rather, I should say, to stay connected to Carplay. When I get in the Volkswagen I plug my phone in, and it sometimes connects to the phone mirroring system. Other times, nothing happens at all.  

Volkswagen Touran infotainment system

On the rare occasion it has all connected up perfectly, letting me listen to Spotify or a podcast, it will often crash mid-listen. The infotainment screen goes blank, emits a crackle through the speakers and then reboots. This happens with random frequency, and despite trying a multitude of new USB cables, nothing cures i’s occurrence.The only thing that is guaranteed is my irritability when it happens.  

We met friends a few weeks ago and on seeing the Touran they asked how we were finding it (splendid, as it happens, apart from the above). They’ve just got a Volkswagen T-Roc and asked if the same infotainment system in our car had a glitch. Matt went on to describe the exact same fault that our car has. Seems like both of us might be paying a visit to the dealer.

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