Volkswagen Transporter Kombi long-term test: report 2

This medium-sized Volkswagen van promises car-like equipment and refinement. Our senior photographer is living with one to see if it delivers...

Volkswagen Transporter with boot open

The car Volkswagen Transporter T32 SWB Highline Kombi 2.0 TDI 150PS 7spd DSG Run by Will Williams, senior photographer

Why it’s here To show that just because you need a lot of space, you don't have to sacrifice luxury or driving enjoyment

Needs to Tackle family and work duties in tandem, make long drives a breeze and function as a mobile office when needed

List price £44,406 Price as tested £50,670 Miles 3432 Official Economy 36.7mpg Test Economy 37.2mpg

12 February 2022 – Loaded up and haulin'

So far, the only real downside I’ve discovered to running a Volkswagen Transporter is that I’m now all too popular among those who need to move house or take bulky items to the tip.

Compared with even a big estate car (and I’d know, having previously run quite a few of those), the Transporter laughs in the face of any “Can you move this?” challenge. And that’s in the short wheelbase form that I’ve gone for; I can’t imagine what you’d need to be transporting (no pun intended) to require the long wheelbase model.

Volkswagen Transporter boot

My van’s rear seats offer as much leg room as your average limousine, yet the cargo area behind is still an enormous, square cavern. So, when some friends moved into a temporary rural retreat while they were having some insurance work done on their house, the Transporter was able to shift everything in just one trip, including a scooter, a rocking horse and multiple suitcases.

On another occasion, it took a double bed in two halves from my mum’s house to the recycling centre. Her car simply wasn’t up to the task, but the bed slotted into the Transporter with ease, alongside all my camera kit.

However, while helping her out, I hadn't driven far before a warning message appeared on the dashboard saying that one of the tyres was losing pressure. Fantastic.

Volkswagen Transporter getting tyre fitted

I hoped it was a dodgy sensor, but I found that the front nearside tyre had a rivet embedded in its tread, causing air to hiss out.

The Transporter does have a spare wheel, but with the bed in the back, getting to that and the jack would have been tricky. Luckily, a local tyre shop, Ivybridge Tyres, was able take a look at it right away. To my relief, they were able to repair the tyre for just £16, and I was back on the road in just 15 minutes.

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