Volvo C30 Electric production begins

* Deliveries in mainland Europe by autumn * 250 cars to built by end of 2012 * 93-mile range...

Volvo C30 Electric production begins

Volvo has started production of its C30 electric car, and the first deliveries will be made to customers in mainland Europe in the autumn.

Leasing customers, companies, authorities and government departments in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway will be the first to get hold of the pure electric C30.

The C30 Electric is made alongside normal C30s in Ghent, Belgium, but is then transported to Volvo's HQ in Gothenberg, Sweden for the installation of the batteries, motor and electronic systems. The batteries are located in place of the fuel tank and also in a compartment within the central tunnel - there is no change to the luggage compartment.

Volvo has no plans to bring the C30 Electric to the UK at the moment.