Used Nissan Primera Saloon 1996 - 2002 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

1996 - 2002 review
Nissan Primera Saloon (96 - 02)
  • Nissan Primera Saloon (96 - 02)
  • Nissan Primera Saloon (96 - 02)
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What's the used Nissan Primera saloon like?

It's often overlooked, but a used Nissan Primera makes a fine low-cost family car, provided you can live with the bland styling and aren't interested in impressing the neighbours.

You can fit a couple of six-footers in the back of this saloon, and it has split-folding rear seats, although the hatchback version is ultimately even more practical. Up front, there's no shortage of space, most people will find the driving position comfortable and the dull-looking dashboard is easy to negotiate.

It's all well built and the quality of materials is a cut above the contemporary Ford Mondeo's. You get a decent amount of kit, too.

So the Primera is very family friendly - and the driver will like it. It's an involving drive and the petrol engines rev willingly. However, the diesel is short of refinement, the ride is firm and, on a motorway trip, it gets on your nerves.