Used Peugeot 1007 Hatchback 2005 - 2008 review

Category: Small car

Section: What is it like?

Peugeot 1007 Hatchback (05 - 09)
  • Peugeot 1007 Hatchback (05 - 09)
  • Peugeot 1007 Hatchback (05 - 09)

What's the used Peugeot 1007 hatchback like?

Many cars in the supermini market are very similar in look and ability. That can't be said of the Peugeot 1007. It uses MPV-style electric sliding doors to make it easier to get in and out, especially in tight parking spaces. It's an attractive gimmick, but in reality, while it does help in a tight spot, access to the rear is actually harder than in five-door rivals.

The other problem is weight. The 1007 is extremely heavy, and this means performance suffers. To make matters worse, the suspension is stiff-ish to stop the hefty car wallowing in corners, and that makes the ride too choppy over rough surfaces.