Peugeot 306 Estate (97 - 03)

Used Peugeot 306 Estate 1997 - 2003 review

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(1997 - 2003)
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What's the used Peugeot 306 estate like?

When the Peugeot 306 Estate appeared, it managed to retain the hatchback's pretty looks. Happily, the load-lugger also held onto the hatchback's fine driving abilities. Even in estate form, it has a lively, precise and involved feel to its steering and chassis.

The ride is comfortable, too, and the suspension is well set up to cope with heavy loads. However, you need to be careful on wet roundabouts because the car snap out of line if you corner too quickly and lift off the accelerator abruptly.

Carrying cargo is no problem thanks to the generous load area, and passengers are also reasonably well catered for. However, there's not much headroom for tall passengers in the back, and the cabin has a dated and rather cheap appearance.