Used Peugeot 406 Saloon 1996 - 2004 reliability

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The Peugeot 406 is a big, cheap, smooth-riding cruiser, but newer rivals are better in many respects

Peugeot 406 Saloon (96 - 04)
  • Peugeot 406 Saloon (96 - 04)
  • Peugeot 406 Saloon (96 - 04)
Used Peugeot 406 Saloon 1996 - 2004 review
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What should I look for in a used Peugeot 406 saloon?

As the 406 ages it's maintaining a respectable reliability record.

The What Car? Reliability Index rates the 406 as above average and says repairs could be expensive. Electrical faults top the list of problems, although suspension and fuel system problems also figured.

Have a good look at the brake discs, as they have a tendency to warp and replacements are expensive. Also, check how recently the coolant has been changed - plenty of cars suffer coolant leaks and blocked radiators, although changing the fluid in the system every two years should prevent this. While you're about it, ask about the timing belts, because they need changing after five years or 60,000 miles.

The ventilation system can also caused problems, with air-con systems failing if they're not used regularly. Items such fuel pumps also start to fail, and the ABS components can require attention.

There's also a long list of official recalls - check with a main dealer to see if yours needs any work.

What are the most common problems with a used Peugeot 406 saloon?

Is a used Peugeot 406 saloon reliable?