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What should I look for in a used Porsche Cayman coupe?

This is a very sporty car and will therefore have been used enthusiastically from time to time. Check the bodywork carefully for any signs of damage. Look at the alloy wheels closely for kerb damage, as repairs will be costly. 

Engines and gearboxes are generally reliable, although earlier cars had problems with the dual-clutch transmission, and owners complained about the quality of the paintwork.

 There was good news and bad for Porsche in our most recent reliability survey. The good news was the venerable 911 finished high up in the sports car class with a splendid overall score of 95%; the bad news was the Cayman was near the bottom, with a score of 91%. Over 40% of one to three-year-old Caymans had a fault, the most common related to interior trim and non-engine electrics, although bodywork, engine and gearboxes get a mention too. Three quarters were fixed in a day and all work was done under warranty.

 Porsche as a brand finished in 23rd place out of 37 manufacturers.  

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What are the most common problems with a used Porsche Cayman coupe?

Is a used Porsche Cayman coupe reliable?

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