Renault Laguna Estate (94 - 01)

Used Renault Laguna Estate 1994 - 2001 review

Ownership cost

(1994 - 2001)
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What used Renault Laguna estate will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Renault Laguna estate?

A Laguna estate should be cheap to buy and reasonable to service, fuel and insure. But, unscheduled repair bills are the problem and, considering the car's poor reliability record, they could hit your wallet hard.

Prices are low, but you may need to move quickly when spot a likely buy. Good cars with service history and few previous owners change hands quickly, and diesels are in the biggest demand.

Servicing is cheap and simple enough for a local garage to do what's needed, but prices for spare parts are a mixed bag and some repair jobs are complex, so it's quite possible you'll get hit for hefty labour charges.

Economy, too, looks pretty good. The 1.9 turbodiesels promise an exceptional 48mpg across a mix of journeys, while the 1.6 petrol achieves up to 36mpg and the 1.8 35mpg. The 2.0 auto is thirstiest, returning up to 30mpg.