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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Like the regular Renault Master, the Master ZE is a pretty adaptable van. There are six versions in total, with four panel van choices and two platform cab options. Standard-length L1 panel vans are available with either a standard or high roof, while the long-bodied L2 and extra-long L3 only come with a high roof. Platform cabs are available as long or extra-long vehicles.

Carrying capacity in the panel vans ranges from 8m3-13m3, while payloads are between 975kg and 1128kg. The Master also compares favourably with the Volkswagen e-Crafter, which is available only in one size and has a 10.7m3 capacity with a 970kg payload for a 3.5-tonne van.

Dimensions inside the load area and for the vehicle as a whole remain unchanged, so the Master ZE can move load lengths from between 2583mm and 3733mm.

Renault Master ZE load bay
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