Used Rover 75 Saloon 1999 - 2005 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

1999 - 2005 review
Rover 75 Saloon (99 - 05)
  • Rover 75 Saloon (99 - 05)
  • Rover 75 Saloon (99 - 05)
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What's the used Rover 75 saloon like?

Think of the Rover 75 as a comfortable, archetypally British take on a German small executive car. It was conceived when BMW ran the show at Rover and there was no way it was going to tread on the toes of any existing BMW. So, while the 75 grips well in corners, there's too much lean and the steering is too blunt for it to be as thrilling to drive as its German rivals.

However, it absorbs bumps and potholes supremely well - almost like a limo - and is a relaxed, effortless long-distance motor. If you want to shrink distances while sitting comfortably in the surroundings of a gentleman's club, look no further.

There's a wooden dash and big, inviting seats, together with plenty of retro touches, such as sepia-tinted dials. You'll have no problem getting settled behind the wheel, but expect to hear complaints from rear passengers about the lack of space. Rear vision for the driver isn't great, either. Still, the boot's a good size, although the rear bench doesn't fold.