Used Seat Mii 2012-Present

Used Seat Mii 2012-present review

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What should I look for in a used Seat Mii hatchback?

The Seat Mii is a city car, which means the potential for heavy clutch use, so check the clutch has a smooth action to it with no slippage. If there are any issues there, it could mean the clutch needs to be replaced, which will be an annoying expense.

Check for bumps and scrapes to the bumpers and body work, as this will all cost money to put right.

Not all Miis came with sat-nav. It is, on earlier cars, a removable unit that goes on top of the dashboard. Some may have gone without and some special and high-spec Miis had one fitted as standard, so it's worth contacting your local dealer to find out if your prospective purchase has it. If it does, then check that the previous owner has left it in the car.

The exposed paintwork in the boot of the Mii could easily be damaged by whatever sharp objects happen to be in there at the time. This is due to only part of the boot floor being covered by carpet. The rest is painted metal.

Also check that the DAB radio, if fitted, works. The unit may not be covered under warranty if it stops working or the screen gets scratched.

Used Seat Mii 2012-Present

What are the most common problems with a used Seat Mii hatchback?

Automatic Seat Miis have been known to give trouble, with the transmissions growing jerky and erratic with age. These faults seem to be difficult or impossible to cure; indeed, some reported problems have been put down to user error. However, if you do want to buy an automatic Seat Mii, you should be aware that it may not be as smooth as you’d like.

Other than that, the Mii seems to be generally free of big faults, although we have heard of a few isolated occurrences of niggling problems from owners.

Is a used Seat Mii hatchback reliable?

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough data on the Mii to work out how reliable it is, although Seat as a manufacturer received a below-average score in our latest reliability survey.


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