Used Skoda Superb Hatchback 2008 - 2015 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

2008 - 2015 review
Skoda Superb Hatchback (08 - 15)
  • Skoda Superb Hatchback (08 - 15)
  • Skoda Superb Hatchback (08 - 15)
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What's the used Skoda Superb hatchback like?

The Superb is classed as a family sized car, but that sells it short. The Skoda is supremely spacious, well equipped and extremely well put together.

You would expect such a large car to suffer from handling issues, but it's surprisingly nimble and has little body roll when cornering. It's also stable at motorway speeds, and passengers won't be disturbed by wind- or road noise.

Those in the front have decent space, but rear-seat occupants could be forgiven for thinking they're in a limo: the three seats have masses of legroom, as well as loads of head and shoulder room.

The boot is also huge, and folding down the rear seats creates a massive 1670 litres of luggage space.