Used Smart ForTwo EQ 2018 - present review

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Used Smart ForTwo EQ 2018-present
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Which used Smart ForTwo EQ coupe should I buy?

There is only the one power unit in the ForTwo EQ.

At present the base trim is called Prime Premium, to which can be added a pack known as the Premium Plus. We’d stick with the basic Prime Premium, unless you happened across one with the pack included that was being sold for a competitive price. The Premium Plus equipment line package adds some useful extras, such as a rear-view camera, so it’s worth consideration. The Edition Nightsky trim has this as standard, but most of the other upgrades are purely cosmetic and make the huge jump in its prices hard to justify.


Our favourite Smart Fortwo EQ: Prime Premium

Used Smart ForTwo EQ 2018-present
Used Smart ForTwo EQ 2018-present
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