Used Subaru BRZ 2012-present review

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Used Subaru BRZ 2012-present
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What should I look for in a used Subaru BRZ coupe?

The BRZ is a rear-wheel drive sports car known for sliding its tail wide when driven with gusto. Check very carefully for previous accident damage because a clean, presentable car on the outside could be hiding all sorts of horrors underneath. At the very least, do a HPI check. This should let you know if the car has been written off by the insurance company at any point in its life.

If you want further security, then organisations such as the AA and RAC offer pre-purchase inspection services, where a trained inspector comes to view your potential purchase for a fee, and will point out any potential problems with it.

Used Subaru BRZ 2012-present

What are the most common problems with a used Subaru BRZ coupe?

Some BRZ owners have mentioned condensation in the rear lights on their cars. If your car has this issue, it will be brought to light after heavy rainfall. If you want to try replicating it when inspecting a car, use a watering can or garden hose and aim the water at the seal around the unit to test for leaks.

There was also an issue surrounding a lumpy idle, which can be fixed with a visit to your Subaru dealer. It can also be done as part of your service.

Is a used Subaru BRZ coupe reliable?

Subaru usually puts in a good showing when it comes to reliability and the brand was placed 10th overall out of 32 car brands surveyed, according to our latest data. The BRZ wasn’t included unfortunately, thanks to the limited number of results received, due in no small part to the tiny number of cars sold.

If you would like to see the full reliability list for coupés and convertibles, head to the What Car? Reliability Survey pages for more information.


Used Subaru BRZ 2012-present
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