Used Subaru Justy Hatchback 1992 - 2002 review

Category: Small car

Section: What is it like?

1992 - 2002 review
Subaru Justy Hatchback (92 - 02)
  • Subaru Justy Hatchback (92 - 02)
  • Subaru Justy Hatchback (92 - 02)
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What's the used Subaru Justy hatchback like?

Superminis and 4x4s are two areas of the market that don't often cross over. There's a good reason for this - it gives rise to cars such as the Subaru Justy.

True, in slippery conditions, the standard four-wheel drive is a boon, but on Tarmac there are plenty of better superminis that are far more talented, and will cost you less. The Justy is based on the old Suzuki Swift, and that doesn't give it the best of starts. There's plenty of grip, but the handling is poor and the ride is even worse. To cap it all, the small engine offers only mediocre response, and refinement isn't good.

The interior is plasticky, too, and the four-wheel-drive hardware robs the rear cabin and boot of space. It's not particularly cheap, it's not particularly well equipped and it's not much to look at. If you don't need four-wheel drive, don't touch it with a bargepole.