Used Subaru Legacy Estate 1998 - 2003 review

Category: Estate car

Section: What is it like?

1998 - 2003 review
Subaru Legacy Estate (98 - 03)
  • Subaru Legacy Estate (98 - 03)
  • Subaru Legacy Estate (98 - 03)
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What's the used Subaru Legacy estate like?

The Legacy estate is one of the most underrated used load-carriers around - except by owners, who ensured that this model always figured near the top of any customer satisfaction survey at the time.

It's a tough, hard-working wagon with more luggage space than even a Volvo V70. It also has full-time four-wheel drive, which makes it ideal for towing horseboxes out of muddy fields or boats up greasy slipways.

The four-wheel drive also helps it put the power down cleanly in bends, where the car hangs on well. There's little body lean, yet the suspension is soft enough to soak up bumps without going floaty over crests. The engines are willing, strong workers and the four-cylinder units sound charismatic.

The cabin is, like the outside, plain, but it's hard-wearing and roomy enough for five adults.