Used Suzuki Ignis Hatchback 2003 - 2008 review

Category: Small car

Section: What is it like?

2003 - 2008 review
Suzuki Ignis Hatchback (03 - 08)
  • Suzuki Ignis Hatchback (03 - 08)
  • Suzuki Ignis Hatchback (03 - 08)
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What's the used Suzuki Ignis hatchback like?

The Ignis is one of those cars that can't quite decide what it's trying to be - it's supermini-sized, yet it's styled like a small off-roader, and Suzuki's rallying connections mean it's always keen to push it as a sporty car.

In truth, the supermini tag is the most accurate. Only later examples are available with four-wheel drive, and it isn't quick or entertaining enough to be sporty.

That said, the engines are pretty punchy and performance is fair. But, the ride is too firm, and a shortage of front-end grip means that the handling isn't really up to much.

However, the space inside is much better. The car's tall shape means there's plenty of room in both the front and the back, and although access to the boot could be better, the outright capacity isn't bad. All that's really missing in the cabin is a sense of style, which makes it feel drab, but the materials used stand up well to hard use.