Used Suzuki Wagon R+ Hatchback 2000 - 2007 review

Category: Small car

Section: What is it like?

2000 - 2007 review
Suzuki Wagon R+ Hatchback (00 - 07)
  • Suzuki Wagon R+ Hatchback (00 - 07)
  • Suzuki Wagon R+ Hatchback (00 - 07)
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What's the used Suzuki Wagon R estate like?

If you want MPV looks, but in a package no bigger than a city car, then the Wagon R could fit the bill. It was one of the first cars to use the high-sided mini-MPV design, so it'll be one of the cheapest examples you'll find.

The cabin is big for such a small car, with plenty of head- and legroom for four adults, although the boot is small, if not abnormally so for the class. Some drivers may struggle to make themselves comfy because there's no height adjustment on the drivers seat, and the steering wheel is fixed. But, they'll be happy that the dash is very clear and easy to use, although the materials look cheap.

The Wagon R is best kept confined to town, where speeds are limited, the stodgy handling isn't exposed too much and the ride is reasonably accomplished. Out of its natural habitat, though, and handling, ride and refinement deteriorate very quickly.