Used Toyota Auris Hatchback 2007 - 2013 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

2007 - 2013 review
Toyota Auris Hatchback (07 - 09)
  • Toyota Auris Hatchback (07 - 09)
  • Toyota Auris Hatchback (07 - 09)
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What's the used Toyota Auris hatchback like?

When compared with the Corolla - the car it replaced - the Auris feels rather bland. It's not too bad in any particular area, but in totality, it's a long way behind class leaders.

It drives decently enough, with good grip in corners and limited body roll, but the steering is vague and the ride fails to smooth out the poorest road surfaces. It's the same story with wind-, engine- and road noise: it's not terrible, but you would expect better.

The Auris is spacious inside for a small family car and there's decent legroom for passengers in the rear middle seat. There's also reasonable headroom, and the rear seats can be reclined. The boot is smaller than you'd expect, but is still a reasonable size and shape.