Used Toyota Corolla Saloon 2002 - 2007 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

2002 - 2007 review
Toyota Corolla Saloon (01 - 07)
  • Toyota Corolla Saloon (01 - 07)
  • Toyota Corolla Saloon (01 - 07)
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What's the used Toyota Corolla saloon like?

While all previous versions of the Toyota Corollas may have enjoyed an enviable reputation for reliability, they also suffered from something of a white good's feel. Yes, they did the job that was required of them, but like a fridge or washing machine, you didn't particularly care for them.

This one is different. For a start, it looks more solid and expensive than previous models, something that's reflected in the smartly designed, roomy, high-quality interior. And, unlike in previous versions there's decent room for adults in the back seats.

Toyota also significantly improved the way the car drove with this model. It's pretty much as good to drive as a Ford Focus, even though its handling may not be quite as involving. Comfort and composure are excellent in all conditions.

Last, but not least, safety and equipment levels are reasonable.