Used Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 4x4 1997 - 2002 review

Category: Large SUV

Section: What is it like?

1997 - 2002 review
Toyota L'cruiser Amazon 4x4 (97 - 02)
  • Toyota L'cruiser Amazon 4x4 (97 - 02)
  • Toyota L'cruiser Amazon 4x4 (97 - 02)
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What's the used Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 4x4 like?

There is only one word to describe the Amazon - huge. In fact, it's only a few centimetres shorter than a Range Rover. Naturally, that translates into massive interior space, and the Amazon easily takes five passengers in complete comfort, although the two extra seats in the boot are a little cramped.

As well as providing some MPV-style abilities, the Amazon also does a good job of combining good on- and off-road abilities. You can take it as read that anything with a Landcruiser badge will be superb away from Tarmac, but what will be more of a surprise is that the Amazon is also pretty good on-road. In particular, it's extremely comfortable and refined.

Really, the only thing to count against it is its size. It can be awkward to thread through city streets and, even on the open road, you can never forget just how big it is.