Used Toyota Previa MPV 2000 - 2006 review

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Section: Ownership cost

2000 - 2006 review
Toyota Previa MPV (00 - 06)
  • Toyota Previa MPV (00 - 06)
  • Toyota Previa MPV (00 - 06)
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Ownership cost

What used Toyota Previa MPV will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Toyota Previa MPV?

Official UK cars aren't cheap to buy - imports can be more affordable. But, once you've bitten the bullet, any Previa should hold its value well, which means you can recoup some of the premium when you flog it on later. You can also reckon on finding a buyer without too much hassle, especially if you've got the turbodiesel.

Fuel economy is another reason why the 2.0 D-4D is in more demand. You can get nearly 40mpg so long as you don't cane it or trundle around all day in town. The 2.4 petrol will sting you for mid-20s to the gallon most of the time and you'll be doing well to nudge it into the 30s, even on a motorway run.

Insurance costs are reasonable - group 12 for the petrol models and a modest group 11 for the diesels. Service costs are comparable with most other seven-seaters', too.