Used Toyota Previa MPV 2000 - 2006 reliability

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Toyota Previa MPV (00 - 06)
  • Toyota Previa MPV (00 - 06)
  • Toyota Previa MPV (00 - 06)
Used Toyota Previa MPV 2000 - 2006 review
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What should I look for in a used Toyota Previa MPV?

The Previa is a reliable, strong motor that soaks up hard use well. That's good news, but it does make the car an ideal candidate for clocking. So, avoid any models without a full service history.

Otherwise, there's little to worry about, and the engines and gearboxes should give little cause for concern. If the engine is misfiring, it could be caused by a fault in the fuel safety cut-off system - one of the few known problems with a Previa.

Another is the adjuster for the centre rear bench, which can jam, while tyre wear can be heavy on the front, especially on diesels. While you're at it, inspect the alloys for pitting. And because it's a big vehicle, the bodywork can pick up parking knocks.

Finally, make sure you know what you're buying. A fair number of imports are kicking around, so check on the V5 registration document to see if it's an official UK car or an import. Pay less for an import.

What are the most common problems with a used Toyota Previa MPV?

Is a used Toyota Previa MPV reliable?