Used Toyota Prius Hatchback 2003 - 2009 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

2003 - 2009 review
Toyota Prius Hatchback (03 - 09)
  • Toyota Prius Hatchback (03 - 09)
  • Toyota Prius Hatchback (03 - 09)
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What's the used Toyota Prius hatchback like?

The second-generation Prius is more practical with the four-door saloon body of the previous car ditched in favour of this five-door hatchback. True, the boot is not massive, but it can be expanded by folding down the rear seats. And, when those seats are upright, they provide plenty of room for six footers.

As with the previous Prius, you can go green without having to make any sacrifices. The car's low emissions will help you do your bit for the environment and the hybrid electric/petrol powerplant is easy to live with.

The performance is lively enough and fine on A-roads. Unlike its predecessor, this Prius copes well enough with motorway hills, and the ride and handling are on a par with conventional-engined rivals.

Inside, it's all suitably high-tech, which some people will love, but others may take a while to figure out. For instance, there are a total of 16 controls for the stereo, air-con and other functions on the steering wheel.