Used Toyota RAV4 2000 - 2006 review

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(2000 - 2006)
Toyota RAV4 (00 - 06)
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What's the used Toyota RAV4 4x4 like?

The first Toyota RAV4 was a groundbreaker in the SUV market, and one of the first compact 4x4s the public really switched on to.

This second-generation version kept much of the funky styling and enjoyable dynamics of the first-generation car, but it was also a more practical proposition. The focus was on the five-door version with its sensible boot and frugal diesel engine. Unsurprisingly, fewer buyers bought the cramped three-door car.

To drive, the RAV4 is a typical Toyota – light steering keeps it from being engaging, but it corners well and has good ride comfort over bumps and bad surfaces.

The engines, both petrol and diesel, will seem a little slow and noisy to those used to more modern cars, but they have the benefit of reliability and are no worse than their contemporaries.


Toyota RAV4 (00 - 06)
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