Used Vauxhall Astra Convertible 2001 - 2005 review

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Section: What is it like?

2001 - 2005 review
Vauxhall Astra Convertible (01 - 05)
  • Vauxhall Astra Convertible (01 - 05)
  • Vauxhall Astra Convertible (01 - 05)
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What's the used Vauxhall Astra sports like?

When the Astra Coupe lost its head to become the Astra Convertible it managed to retain the hard-top's fine driving characteristics. It has precise steering and taut body control, but the ride is firm.

The styling - by Italian design house Bertone - is best described as elegant yet conservative. The Astra isn't as cute a Beetle or Mini, but it's bigger and more practical, a genuine four-seater with the hood up or down.

Everyone gets plenty of room and, with the top down (which can be done remotely with a button on the key), you should be fairly well protected from the wind. Even boot space is good for a convertible and not compromised by having to leave room for the roof.