Used Vauxhall Tigra Coupe 1994 - 2001 review

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1994 - 2001 review
Vauxhall Tigra Coupe (94 - 01)
  • Vauxhall Tigra Coupe (94 - 01)
  • Vauxhall Tigra Coupe (94 - 01)
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What's the used Vauxhall Tigra coupe like?

Take a popular supermini, slap a sporty-looking body on it, and what have you got? The Vauxhall Tigra.

Back in 1994, this pint-sized coupe captured car buyers' attentions and the car sold in healthy numbers.

Don't be fooled by those sporty looks and expect the Tigra to be that rapid, though - only 1.4- and 1.6-litre engines were available, with a maximum of 104bhp on tap. It's warm rather than hot and the ride is a little bumpy, but at least the handling is quite good.

Don't go thinking it's a real four-seater, either. Because head- and legroom are so restricted in the back, the Tigra is effectively a two-seater. Even in the front, things aren't that great - if you're tall, you might find that headroom is limited. And, everyone will find rear visibility poor and think the cabin has a very snug feel.

Boot space is only just acceptable, but you can fold down the rear bench to create a larger luggage bay.