Used Volkswagen Golf Estate 1999 - 2005 review

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Section: Ownership cost

1999 - 2005 review
Volkswagen Golf Estate (97 - 06)
  • Volkswagen Golf Estate (97 - 06)
  • Volkswagen Golf Estate (97 - 06)
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Ownership cost

What used Volkswagen Golf estate will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Volkswagen Golf estate?

Tracking down a good example may a take a little while, as the Golf estate never got close to matching the hatchback in terms of popularity. For that reason, it can be cheaper to buy than the hatch, but it will still be more expensive than a Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra estate.

Service intervals are every 12 months or 10,000 miles, which is par for the course, but you may well find the work more expensive. At a VW dealer, you'll find that their hourly rates are slightly above the class average. Independent experts are a little more expensive than their Ford counterparts, too.

At least robust security helps keep the Golf's insurance costs down. Only the 1.8 turbo and 2.3 V5 could be classified as expensive, attracting group 14 and 15 ratings.

The V5 will also make you suffer at fuel pumps, as it returns only 27mpg in auto guise. The most economical model in the range is the 56mpg 110bhp TDI; the 130bhp version still offers a very respectable 51mpg.