Volkswagen Golf Estate review

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Volkswagen Golf Estate
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It was the hatchback, launched all the way back in 1974, that made the Golf famous, but this Volkswagen Golf Estate has an awful lot going for it, too. A huge boot with some clever touches gives it plenty of load-lugging appeal to family buyers, and yet it loses little of the current hatchback’s superb dynamics and top-notch refinement.

All of which makes it a cracking all-rounder, with something for almost every family’s needs. And you get a great range of engines to choose from, including tiny three-cylinder petrols, super-economical diesels, right up to a barnstorming 306bhp sports-car-baiting beast that is the Golf R Estate.

If you think an estate buy is the way forward, is the Golf the best one or are others, such as the Skoda Octavia, Ford Focus, or Vauxhall Astra estates, better still?

Read on to find out the answer to that question, as well as which engines and trims make the most sense. And make sure you head over to our deal pages for the best prices, too.

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Volkswagen Golf Estate
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