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BMW 3 Series Touring review

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With SUVs having their day in the sun, it’s easy to forget about good ol’ estate cars. Yes, they forgo the raised ride height, but they’re every bit as spacious, practical and, in the case of the BMW 3 Series Touring, are great to drive, too.

It’s worth remembering that the 3 Series Touring isn't alone, though; if you can live without a prestige badge, the Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb Estate are spacious rivals and don’t feel like budget cars.

The 3 Series Touring range includes four trims, paired with various petrol and diesel engines that offer excellent performance and competitive emissions. There’s also the choice of two-wheel or four-wheel drive, and a manual or an automatic gearbox.

So which should you buy? Read on for our full review to guide you through everything. And, after that, check out our deals page to make sure you're getting the best price too.


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