Used Volkswagen Passat GTE 2015-present

Used Volkswagen Passat GTE 2015-present review

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What alternatives should I consider to a used Volkswagen Passat GTE estate?

The Mercedes C350e Estate is the most obvious rival to the Passat GTE, but it’s not quite as spacious nor as comfortable, and it won’t go as far on electric-only power.


There are relatively few other plug-in hybrid estates, but if you don’t need a plug-in, you could also look at the Toyota Auris Hybrid. It’s smaller the Passat and consequently you can fit less in the boot, but it is efficient around town, reliable and well-equipped.


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The VW Passat GTE is spacious and refined and has a 31-mile electric-only range.

  • Very refined
  • Low running costs
  • Real-world economy not so great
  • Still quite expensive to buy