Used Volkswagen Passat Estate 2001 - 2005 review

Category: Estate car

Section: What is it like?

2001 - 2005 review
Volkswagen Passat Estate (99 - 05)
  • Volkswagen Passat Estate (99 - 05)
  • Volkswagen Passat Estate (99 - 05)
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What's the used Volkswagen Passat estate like?

The Passat is generally a refined, comfortable family car. It's all bolted tightly together and the cabin is sound-proofed well against all sources of noise, whether it be the wind, road or engine.

So it's a quiet cruiser, then, and a pretty effortless one so long as you steer clear of the basic 98bhp 1.9 TDI 100 turbodiesel. The other engines all deliver fine performance, but this is no sporting car. It's competent enough, but even with sports suspension or 4Motion four-wheel drive, the handling is no match for a Ford Mondeo's.

The cabin is, though. High-quality materials and tight panel gaps shout class wherever you look. It's also well equipped, full of useful storage areas and spacious.

The well shaped boot is easy to get at but not as roomy as some. The rear seats split and fold, and there are chrome hooks for lashing down cargo.