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Used Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe 2008 - 2014 review

(2008 - 2014)
Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe (08 - 14)
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8 Feb 2010 00:00 | Last updated: 18 Sep 2018 17:52

What's the used Volkswagen Scirocco coupe like?

Twenty eight years after the original Volkswagen Scirocco made its debut, this next-generation version was released to high acclaim. Distinctive styling, a great chassis and a hint of practicality make it a serious alternative for those considering a hot hatch.

Whatever speed it's doing, the Scirocco is hugely impressive. The handling is neutral and there's loads of grip. Drivers can personalise the ride by changing settings that control the suspension, steering and throttle response.

However, it's not just about dynamics, because the VW is also a stylish car that's well put together using quality materials. The cabin is cleverly thought out and distinctive - so you won't be left feeling as if you're just driving a Golf derivative.

The driving position should suit most people, and there's plenty of forward passenger space. The two rear-seats have limited head room, but there's respectable leg room for this type of car. The boot is just about big enough to be of use, and the two rear seats fold down when extra space is required.