Used Volvo C70 Coupe 1997 - 2002 review

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1997 - 2002 review
Volvo C70 Coupe (97 - 06)
  • Volvo C70 Coupe (97 - 06)
  • Volvo C70 Coupe (97 - 06)
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What's the used Volvo C70 coupe like?

In 1997, when the C70 arrived, Volvo wasn't known for its design appeal, but the Coupe had more than a hand in changing that. With its chiselled good looks, it attracted buyers to the brand who previously wouldn't even have considered buying a Volvo.

And despite being introduced all those years ago, the C70 has aged fairly well and the design and materials used still feel fairly modern. Above all, it's still a Volvo through and through. The company's famous build quality and refinement are present and, of course, you get a host of safety features as standard.

Despite all appearances to the contrary, though, this is a cruising coupe, not a sports car. Even when it was launched it wasn't that exciting to drive and by today's standards it certainly has been superseded. The ride is smooth enough, but the more powerful engines soon expose the chassis' limitations of grip and handling.

On the other hand, there are certainly no probems with the amount of space inside - or in the boot for those weekends away.