Used Volvo C70 Convertible 1997 - 2006 review

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Section: What is it like?

1997 - 2006 review
Volvo C70 Convertible (97 - 06)
  • Volvo C70 Convertible (97 - 06)
  • Volvo C70 Convertible (97 - 06)
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What's the used Volvo C70 sports like?

The Volvo C70 Cabriolet retains the same chiselled looks as the C70 coupe, but lets buyers enjoy the best of the weather at the flick of a switch, with a roof that folds away in 30 seconds.

To compensate for the lack of a fixed roof and keep the body stiff, the cabriolet needed weighty reinforcing, and that harmed the performance.

To make matters worse, bumpy roads soon expose the limitations of the C70's ride and the whole car can shudder over larger bumps. Its handling is clumsy, too, and the car feels like it's fighting back when driven hard on twisty roads.

That said, if you stick to smooth roads and sedate speeds, the C70 can cover ground effortlessly and smoothly. You're well protected from outside noise, although there's a fair amount of wind noise with the fabric roof in place. With it down, wind buffeting is surprisingly light.

Also impressive is the generous space for occupants up front, but the storage space for the hood robs the rear passengers of room compared with the coupe. The boot is also noticeably smaller.