Used Volvo S80 Saloon 1998-2006 reliability

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The Volvo S80 might not have the 'right' badge for the class, but it's still a very impressive car

Volvo S80 Saloon (98-06)
  • Volvo S80 Saloon (98-06)
  • Volvo S80 Saloon (98-06)
Used Volvo S80 Saloon 1998-2006 review
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What should I look for in a used Volvo S80 saloon?

As a manufacturer, Volvo enjoys a reasonable reputation for reliability, with strong showings in recent JD Power Customer Satisfaction Surveys. So, it comes as something of a surprise when you click on to and find a list of recalls as long as the queue round the block for the next iPhone.

There are too many to detail here, but some deal with major concerns such as possible fuel leaks, suspension failures and seatbelt anchorage problems. So, ensure that the car you're interested in has had all of the necessary work done (a Volvo dealer should be able to tell you).

Also, beware of diesel engines that are reluctant to start or produce black smoke under hard acceleration. Also listen out for rattles, which can mean that the exhaust heat shield has worked loose, although that's not too serious a problem.

More worrying are leaking oil coolers on automatic gearboxes - the units are mounted low down and can get damaged by speed bumps.

What are the most common problems with a used Volvo S80 saloon?

Is a used Volvo S80 saloon reliable?