Geneva motor show 2012: Hyundai i-oniq

  • Hyundai i-oniq concept car unveiled
  • Range-extender technology
  • Makes its Debut at Geneva motor show
Hyundai i-oniq
Hyundai i-oniq
This is the Hyundai i-oniq concept car, which will make its debut at the 2012 Geneva motor show.

Hyundai describes the i-oniq as an ‘electric sports hatchback with a range-extending petrol engine’ that showcases the latest thinking from its designers and engineers.

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The i-oniq is powered by a 108bhp electric motor and lithium–ion batteries. There’s a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine that acts as a generator to charge the batteries, giving a maximum range of 435 miles and CO2 emissions of just 45g/km. Using electric power alone, the i-oniq has a claimed range of 75 miles.

At 4.4 metres long, the i-oniq is a few centimetres longer than a Ford Focus and 10cm longer than the new i30.

Hyundai describes the i-oniq’s roof – which has an extended glass area – as a ‘penthouse roof’. There are LED headlights, too, while the interior has four seats and sculpted surfaces ‘inspired by musical instruments’.

Hyundai has recently launched the new i30 and i40 models, while the Hyundai i30 Tourer makes its debut at the Geneva show. Hyundai sources confirmed to us that the i-oniq doesn’t preview an upcoming new model.

A replacement for the Santa Fe – expected to be called ix45 – is due later this year, but it won’t look as sporty as the i-oniq.

Dan Alcock

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