Tesla has been making headlines in the car industry for a few years now, shaking up the established order with its bold claims and striking range of electric vehicles.

There's only one car in the Tesla line-up, in fact - a five-seat saloon called Model S that can be expanded to a seven-seater with a pair of rear-facing child-friendly seats in the boot. It's offered with a range of electric motors, including some editions that combine the forces of a front-mounted unit and one at the rear to offer supercar acceleration.

Tesla does have plans to expand its range further. In 2016 the company will launch an SUV called the Model X that features dramatic 'falcon wing' doors, and it should be followed about 18 months later by a cheaper saloon called Model 3.

One novel feature is Tesla's Supercharging network; it's a line-up of chargers, across the UK and continental Europe, that are designed specifically for the company's customers. They charge the vehicles more quickly than even third-party fast chargers - although as Tesla's sales continue to rise, the likelihood of finding another Model S using the facility when you want to is increasing too.

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Model X

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Model S

£58,435£58,435 Rated 4 out of 5
Tesla Model S

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